… through business purpose.

Powerful business leaders across the globe are beginning to realize that we can’t continue to go about business as usual. Recently, the Business Roundtable – a group of 180 CEOs from many of America’s top companies (including Apple, Google, etc.) – signed a statement redefining the purpose of corporations as creating “an economy that allows each person to succeed through hard work and creativity and to lead a life of meaning and dignity.” They have come to recognize that businesses with a clearly defined and vigorously pursued business purpose deliver higher returns for stakeholders and outperform traditional companies on the stock markets, drawing and retaining the right employees and customers.

The goal of my talks is to offer ideas about how to enable healthier, more socially sustainable business growth. With purpose as our guide, we will drive innovation and uncover new business opportunities based on future-driven ideas in the service of humanity and of the environment. We will actively contribute to creating an economy that helps people to live their lives with more meaning and dignity.

Recent talks include:

  • “Win Pitches? Start with why!“
    GWA Webtalk, 2020
  • “Creating Meaningful Customer-Centricity Through Purpose“
    NEXT Conference, 2019
  • “Business Development und gesundes Wachstum durch Purpose”
    fischerAppelt Annual Partner Meeting, 2018

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