“I recommend Donna’s workshops to everyone. Truly inspirational! And the kicker is: Donna always has adding value for the client in focus. Let’s go!”

Franziska von Lewinski

“Donna’s seminar ‘How to Pitch with Purpose’ is an eye-opener for all participants. With lots of experience, clarity and rigor, she sheds light on the relevant aspects of pitches, and she pragmatically provides concrete tools. We were, and still are, highly impressed.”

Kim Alexandra Notz
Managing Partner, KNSK GROUP GmbH

“Whether one has many years of experience with pitching or none at all, Donna’s trainings should be mandatory for everyone who is client-facing. With a refreshing clarity and a focus on what really counts – creating partnerships as equals – Donna imparts much deep knowledge and pragmatic tools. At the same time, she challenges and inspires us to more composure and reflection on the subject of pitching as a whole. By far, one of the best trainings I’ve ever had. The team achieved a quantum leap in mindset in just two days.”

Kristina Bonitz
Co-CEO, diffferent GmbH

»Pitch with Purpose« perfectly sums up what it’s all about: Leaving meaningless pitching behind, adopting a more constructive, sustainable process incorporating all facets of good decision-making for client and agency alike. On top of that, Donna is very entertaining; we enjoyed every moment, and with the input are now going to reap the rewards.

Johannes Plass
Owner and Managing Director, MUTABOR Management GmbH

“In a likeable and knowledgeable way, Donna made sure that our account managers see themselves as consultants instead of as salespeople: Her workshops achieved this change in mindset. Since then, Donna’s workshops have been an integral part of our training for rising and experienced client advisors.”

Jessica Reinbold, Managing Partner, ReinboldRost GmbH

“The rousing keynote that Donna gave as the emotional highlight of our agency summit 2021 delivered the right impulse at the right time. Afterwards, our employees could hardly wait to experience full-powered Donna energy in the ‘Pitch with Purpose’ sessions that followed. Donna succeeded – with her unique passion, experience, structured knowledge, and focused exercises – in holding the participants’ unbroken attention and raising the entire agency’s new business activities to a higher level of quality.

Nico Ziegler
Owner and Managing Director, segmenta communications GmbH

“Donna’s wonderful manner, combined with her many years of expertise, delivered an enduring impulse. . ‚How to Develop Clients with Success‘ is highly recommended for everyone who wants to really understand their client.”

Eva Reitenbach
Managing Director, oddity GmbH

“Today it’s about a lot more than just digital processes and agile gimmickry: It’s about keeping the client in focus, attaining their goals, and building a long-term relationship based on trust. Donna’s workshops, which shine with lots of practical expertise and high motivation, significantly support our digital agency in its continual and qualitative growth. On top of this, Donna is an unbelievably endearing person.”

Mike Glas
CEO, pixelart GmbH

“In Donna we’ve found a trainer for our agency who conveys the substance of her workshop with enormous passion and authenticity. At every stage, she holds the participants’ attention and addresses their needs, so that afterwards they are capable of immediately putting what they’ve learned into practice.”

Skadi Hartemink
Head of Human Resources, fischerAppelt AG

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