… and win better business more often.

Agencies and companies win on average 30% of their pitches. That means, participating in pitches is a large and risky investment against fairly high odds. Even those that have a higher rate of pitching success often find it difficult these days to retain clients long after the win. Indeed, they are skeptical about contractors. They ask themselves: Can they really help us solve our challenges? Do they really want to? Are they here to help us develop our business – or just theirs?

My solution is to

  • understand the crucial context of the pitch: grasping the big picture (business relevance + hidden agendas) and genuine client needs
  • identify, not lose sight of, the true section criteria
  • define, and rigorously follow, pitch strategies on the meta-level
  • ignite and maintain motivation
  • commit to the client’s success as the guiding principle

In this seminar, we’ll pragmatically learn – through examples and practice – how to recognize true business purpose in pitches. My methods are proven and have helped agencies and companies to increase their pitch conversion rates to up to 70%.

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