… and unleash new opportunities.

Many businesses these days are looking to (re)discover their purpose, so they become more successful, engaged and make the world a bit better than they found it. It’s about doing business in an improved way.

The purpose economy has made great inroads in the US, with many businesses rethinking the way they do business – shifting the focus to stakeholders (instead of just shareholders) and wanting to make a meaningful contribution (not just greenwashing) to people’s lives and the planet. These companies reap great rewards: out-performing their peers on the stock market, becoming among the most-loved and trusted brands, and attracting and retaining motivated employees and partners.

This trend is now taking root in Europe, as companies seek help in uncovering their purpose and applying it to all aspects of their business, including to their brand and marketing communications.

Since 2011, I’ve been working with the principles of business purpose. Using the methods and case studies from pioneers in the field – such as Roy Spence, Jim Stengel, and Simon Sinek, as well as the research of institutions like the Harvard Business Review and the big ten consulting firms – I’ve developed my own perspective and approach.

In coaching workshops, I provide an overview of this complex subject, sharing examples and how to proceed in order to (re)discover purpose in business. One learns thereby how a clearly defined business purpose can unlock extraordinary, sustainable success on all levels of a company.

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